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Are you an Inventor or are you an Entrepreneur?


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Russell Thomas
Co-Founder & CEO
NIRvana Sciences

Session Moderator:
Neha Nigam, Ph.D.
Tech Transfer Fellow
Office of Research Commercialization
Rutgers University

Andy Schwab

First Flight Venture Center

Claudia Campbell-Matland
PMP, Consultant
Managing Member
CNCM Consulting, LLC

In this webinar...

Starting a company is a big deal both emotionally and financially. Technical founders of science/technology based companies have a myriad of business and technical issues they need to understand and solve before their fledgling ventures can become well-organized, high-performing, stable companies.

Company co-founders need to be introspective and self-critical about their strengths and weaknesses and how this will impact their team recruitment strategy as they build their management team, board of directors, industry advisors, and broader technical team.

β€œAre you an Inventor or are you an Entrepreneur?” is a presentation to help individuals understand important differences between Entrepreneurship and Inventing so that one can more effectively organize their early-stage teams for commercial success while reducing personal stress and team conflict.

Recordings and Slides from Previous Sessions: