Gary Keller.jpg

Gary Keller, Ms.B.
CEO, Xomix Ltd.
President Midwest Research University Network (MRUN)
Chairman LES USA Canada, Emerging Enterprise Committee

Sam Kongsamut.png

Sam Kongsamut, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Neurotrope BioScience
President, Rudder Serendip LLC
Co-organizer, Launch NJ: Life Sciences Hub


With ongoing upheaval in the world of drug discovery and development, opportunities for participating in new companies and initiatives is growing.

Researchers and business professionals from any vantage point within the industry can have unprecedented access to talent, intellectual property, funding and facilities. Further, the contributions of experienced pharma and biotech leaders are valued in young companies that are hungry for participation in the LIfe Sciences 3.0 community.

In this webinar, experts will address the changing landscape, lessons learned, and how an individual or small group can seek fresh resources, and find collaborators. In addition, discussion of how to vet opportunities from the viewpoints of both the growing company and an individual attracted to the excitement of new opportunities will be addressed.

This session is for those in early stage companies, considering building a new company, or planning to on responsibility for helping young companies grow.

Gary Keller is CEO of Xomix Ltd., a Chicago-based global technology accelerator and consultancy providing intellectual asset management, commercialization, and global business development services. Keller has more than 30 years of experience in international business development for leading biotechnology companies and is responsible for the strategy establishment, funding and launch of numerous technology and commercialization initiatives and startup companies. He is President and Managing Director of the Midwest University Research Network (MRUN). 

Sam Kongsamut worked for over 20 years at Hoechst, Aventis, and Sanofi, contributing to compounds reaching the market. He was responsible for “external innovation” in neuroscience and aging research until he was laid off in a site closure in 2012. Since then he started a consulting company working with universities, foundations and biotech companies, and now works for Neurotrope BioSciences, a small clinical-stage biotech company. He is co-organizer of Launch NJ: Life Sciences Hub, a meetup group that encourages entrepreneurship.