Why My First Laboratory? As our organization has grown, we have had the pleasure of developing relationships with a number of early career researchers, as well as individuals and organizations who share our interest in nurturing the next wave. We've been talking this up for a while, looking for ways that we can support other groups' efforts and offer our own unique milieu.

Where Do We Start? Our M.O. is to ask the people we work with what they're already doing. There's no reason to duplicate others' efforts. We believe it makes more sense to encourage others and look for areas of interests that intrigue our unique community.

Our approach is to stimulate opportunities to present work, support each other, and explore the side of being a scientist, engineer, and/or IT professionals that isn't typically addressed in Ph.D. or Post-Doc journey:

-Invitations to Present for our Webinars, Conferences, and Symposia
-Invitations to Participate on Planning Committees and Boards
-In-person Presentations on Leadership Skills for Scientists
(Including managing people, budgets, collaborations, and resources such as facilities and consumables)

Want to know more? Send a note to info@biopharmaresearchcouncil.org or call 732-403-3137