Our Mission

The BRC is an association for scientists across the entire discovery, development, and delivery community.

Through committees, conferences, webinars, and educational programs, we stimulate interaction to provide catalyst for fresh collaborations and partnerships.

Our activities are made possible through the energies and expertise of professionals from industry, academia, nonprofit, government, and supplier laboratories, and teams throughout the region and the globe.


We work closely with the scientific community, inviting prominent researchers to get involved by participating in committees, identifying speakers and topics for symposia, and presenting their work. 

Our model engages supplier companies in creating major programs, and encourages partnerships with industry professional associations, university centers and a wide range of organizations to expand our reach as we work to cross-pollinate ideas and understandings throughout the biopharma industry.


BioPharma Research Council (BRC) is a 501(c)6, non-profit corporation dedicated to the biopharmaceutical research community and its stakeholders.

BRC has also established an independent 501(c)3 Foundation, BioPharma Research Initiatives for it’s events.


About The BioPharma Research Council:

We deliver engaging educational content to the biomedical, biotech, and biopharmaceutical space by developing conferences, symposia, webinars, Meetups, and committees throughout the year. The dynamic content for this programming is largely suggested and facilitated by our dense community of scientists, IT experts, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. These activities are made possible through the energies and expertise of professionals from industry, academia, nonprofits, government, supplier labs, and their teams.

Since 2009, the BioPharma Research Council has been developing a vibrant community for scientists as they navigate today's complex environments. Our unique resources - including deep relationships with leading companies and suppliers - and agile approaches have established continual opportunities for breakthrough discussion and debate throughout the drug discovery and delivery pipeline.

The BioPharma Research Council (BRC) is an independent organization established to support the broadest community of scientists working across the many silos of biomedical research. By addressing researchers who are moving discoveries from eureka to the patient, we provide a unique environment for interaction. Our goal is to help our participants to enhance communication and collaboration to speed the medical progress.

Our Committees, Boards, and Roundtables stimulate deep consideration of emerging discoveries and technologies. Active participants contribute as speakers, moderators, and event chairs.

The BRC has grown through significant support from our Foundation Sponsor, PlanetConnect. Since 1996, PlanetConnect has been producing confidential internal symposia for major pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These proprietary research conferences have focused upon Discovery, R&D, IT, Analytical Research, and Manufacturing.

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"While we have helped many biopharmaceutical companies and departments to hold confidential meetings, over time we began receiving requests to help expand connections among companies, universities, and other institutions," says Ronnye Schreiber, President of PlanetConnect and Founding President of the BRC.

"By helping to create the BRC we are able to support programs that are open to all and that allow scientists to share knowledge and ideas across boundaries."

PlanetConnect's co-founder, Rich Brandwein, who is the BRC's Chairman, works closely to provide support and guidance as the organization grows.

"We started running conferences when we worked at Bell Labs in the early days of web-based computing," says Mr. Brandwein. "After many years of producing internal symposia, we are able to support the BRC through our strong relationships with pharmaceutical and supplier companies, stimulating innovative thinking across all of the entities that contribute to medical progress." 

Activities range from intimate roundtable discussions to webinars and major symposia on questions of scientific and technological significance. 

All of our programs are developed through partnerships with researchers, allied organizations, institutes, and the generous supplier community.