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Are you an Inventor or are you an Entrepreneur?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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Russell Thomas
Co-Founder & CEO
NIRvana Sciences

Andy Schwab
First Flight Venture Center

Session Moderator:
Neha Nigam, Ph.D.

Tech Transfer Fellow
Office of Research Commercialization
Rutgers University

Claudia Campbell-Matland

PMP, Consultant
Managing Member
CNCM Consulting, LLC

In this webinar...

Starting a company is a big deal both emotionally and financially. Technical founders of science/technology based companies have a myriad of business and technical issues they need to understand and solve before their fledgling ventures can become well-organized, high-performing, stable companies.

Company co-founders need to be introspective and self-critical about their strengths and weaknesses and how this will impact their team recruitment strategy as they build their management team, board of directors, industry advisors, and broader technical team.

“Are you an Inventor or are you an Entrepreneur?” is a presentation to help individuals understand important differences between Entrepreneurship and Inventing so that one can more effectively organize their early-stage teams for commercial success while reducing personal stress and team conflict.


About Russell:

Russell Thomas is co-founder and CEO of NIRvana Sciences, a spin-out from NC State University commercializing new fluorescent dyes with ultra-narrow emissions to enable superior diagnostic and imaging tests.

This is Mr. Thomas’ second fluorescent dye related company. Prior to pursuing NIRvana Sciences full-time, he was Director of New Venture Services at NC State University where he was responsible for increasing the number and quality of their spin-out companies.

About Andy:

Andy Schwab is a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building technology based startup companies. He has been a mentor and advisor to over 30 companies throughout his career and has been involved on multiple boards and committees designed to vet technology and executive teams.

As President of First Flight   Venture Center, an incubator with nearly 40 early-stage, science-based companies located in Research Triangle Park, NC, Andy has seen many teams succeed as well as fail. Recently, Andy was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Triangle Business Journal for his work supporting early stage start-ups in North Carolina.

About Neha:

Dr. Nigam is currently a fellow at Rutgers Tech Transfer Office. She has previously worked with Rockefeller Tech Transfer Office and also with a start-up based at Harlem Biospace.  She is quite keen on the aspects of the Technology Transfer Office and is passionate about the applied aspects of innovative scientific discoveries, striving to be at the interface of business and science.

Previously, Neha has worked in the industry as an analyst involved in competitive intelligence, strategic business analysis, and commercialization of early innovations in several therapeutic areas. Her foundation in science comes from her Ph.D. in molecular biology from Vienna, Austria.  

About Claudia:

Claudia Campbell-Matland's over 30-year career in the diagnostics industry has included leadership positions in R&D, Business Development and Marketing. Also a certified PMP and Quality System auditor, Ms. Campbell's experience has included management of a variety of business-critical programs such as new product development programs from conception to commercialization, product acquisitions, functional department integrations and remediation of Quality System and Regulatory audit deficiencies.

Now working as an independent consultant, Claudia is leveraging her expertise to assist start-up and small medical device companies.