One Reason

Author: Joanne Gere, Executive Director, BioPharma Research Council (BRC)

OK, here goes- my first posting- Gabrielle Flora, our erstwhile Associate Director, has posted several times, and has set a really nice tone. (Thanks!)

My inspiration is the ubiquitous and compelling use of x number of reasons - reasons your hot water is too hot, reasons to attend the next big thing, etc. Or steps to better posture or a cleaner desk or pumpkin cream cheese muffin tarts with a twist.

From time to time we do try to come up with a list of factors to compel involvement with our community, and we typically hit a mushy roadblock. Why?

Because to me it would seem obvious by now to all the world that investing time and energy into learning about and from a wide community of people is essential for growing a research program, a business, a life.

So, we work to create share informative, pleasurable, and relevant moments for scientists, engineers, and IT professionals to interact. We live in a too-busy culture, and our process respects that. We strive to complement your time in your lab or time with your family or a canoe trip.

Our efforts go to leavening for your work life, creating a platform for you to participate in your most interesting ways- by attending our programs, speaking, working on committees and boards, and occasionally cheering from the sidelines (that helps us keep the energy up). Our support staff is all about taking care of the details so you can have the most fun in this process- this is how we have fun!

Thanks for being part of our community of 10,000 researchers, engineers, and IT professionals from industry, academic, nonprofit, government, and supplier labs. As we continue in our busiest fall ever and make plans for 2017, we appreciate your kind involvement. Working with you to build fresh opportunities is a privilege we value above all.