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Founding Sponsor - PlanetConnect

PlanetConnect (PCI) is a Founding Sponsor of BioPharma Research Council (BRC) and has contributed significant funds and other resources to help BRC build grow as a premier association for scientists across the entire biomedical research community. As our producing partner, PlanetConnect also provides expert event management and exhibitor sales support.

About PlanetConnect

For more than 20 years, PlanetConnect has created and organized highly effective confidential meetings of all sizes for global pharmaceutical/biotech companies and associations. 

Diverse symposia have provided well run, cost efficient platforms for company-wide R&D, IT, Analytical, and Manufacturing teams. In sessions ranging from 100 to 2,500 participants, PCI’s client companies have been able to effectively conduct focused meetings,  executive conclaves, and departmental “Deep Dives” with bench scientists, research & development staff and executives.  

Whether conducted on your company campus or off-site, the PCI approach facilitates opportunities for an organization’s global scientific staff to gather to communicate research results in a secure, comfortable setting that encourages networking and information sharing. 

Unique Business Model

Strong relationships with the research supplier community means that these events can be developed at a very low cost to your company. While PCI manages all logistics for these sessions, its unique model minimizes operational costs. PlanetConnect’s depth of interaction with supplier contributors, so important to biomedical research, makes this possible.

As a leading Research Conference Organizer (RCO), PCI works closely with Strategic Sourcing/Procurement groups as well as internal meeting planners to ensure that the events match company goals and are of value across all R&D groups. Key services include committee management, audio/visual production, registration, and creative engagement for attendees.

For more information, contact Ronnye Scheiber, PlanetConnect President: or 732-403-3116