The Mobile Patient:
HIPAA Compliant/Patient Centric Care Management

Free Webinar Thursday, August 21, 2015 2:00pm EDT. Click Here to Register

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Richard Purcell
President & CEO

Lilli Abdullahi
Manufacturing Support Associate II
Biogen Idec

In the race to develop health and wellness smartphone apps for healthcare, few are truly patient centric; i.e. easy for patients to record health data, connected with external devices and apps, interactive for personal health status, meaningful for clinical decisions, and HIPAA compliant to enable collaborative care team communication. By building upon its secure, cloud-based platform, a new solution promotes patient activation and engagement with health  while allowing multiple care givers, including physicians, specialists, and wellness support networks, to collaborate in real time.

This webinar will address both the technology and the design principles that significantly enhance adherence, with particularly emphasis on the application of patient-centric software tools and mobile apps in the clinical trial setting.

Richard Purcell, President & CEO of intelliSante, has deep experience leading strategic clinical trials and implementation of enabling technologies.

Lilli Abdullahi is a QA Professional with broad experience in direct medical care, coordination and management of quality and  regulatory programs in Healthcare, Medical Devices and Biologics.  She is currently a Manufacturing Support Associate II at Biogen Idec in Research Triangle Park, NC.