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The Johnson & Johnson Approach:
How We Look at Early Stage Research

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
11:00am EST


Joy Goswami, MBA, RTTP
Assistant Director
Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships
University of Delaware


Session Moderator:
Neha Nigam, Ph.D.

Tech Transfer fellow, 
Office of Research Commercialization
Rutgers, University

Manu Nair
Vice President of Technology Ventures
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

In this webinar...

In this webinar, experts aim to address how academic technology transfer offices have evolved in their approach toward assisting entrepreneurs in establishing their start-up businesses and setting their businesses up for success.

This presentation will provide a glimpse of best practices that technology transfer offices are adopting to support entrepreneurs interested in establishing businesses around technologies developed at their institutions, and an overview of what entrepreneurs can expect from academic tech transfer offices to acquire such technologies and begin to develop business strategies around them.

This session will provide guidance to both technology transfer professionals and entrepreneurs in understanding each other's roles in commercializing technologies and ensuring that both parties leave satisfied and excited about entering a "Win-Win" relationship!

oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

University of Delaware, Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships

University of Delaware, Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships

About Joy Goswami:

Joy Goswami is the Assistant Director of the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships at University of Delaware, where he oversees and manages technology transfer activities and corporate relations. Among other functionalities, he is actively involved in managing intellectual property, assisting in establishing new start ups and spin-off companies and bringing forth university-industry collaborations and partnerships.

Joy is an NIH-SBIR/STTR reviewer and has more than twelve years of experience in the field of business development. Throughout his career, he has produced highly regarded commercialization strategies and outreach practices of novel technologies in the biotechnology, agriculture and bio-medical sector.

About Manu Nair:

Manu Nair is the Vice President of Technology Ventures for the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) in Oklahoma City.  He is in-charge of developing/commercializing OMRF's technologies, establishing strategic industry collaborations and managing the innovation fund that is dedicated to such development efforts.

Manu started his technology commercialization career at OMRF in 2004, and was involved in OMRF's intellectual property (IP) commercialization and start-up company efforts. He later joined Mayo Clinic Ventures (MCV), which is the technology commercialization and investment arm of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota as a Senior Licensing Manager.

Mr. Nair serves as a business consultant and advisor for several US and international entities, including prominent research institutes and technology companies.

About Neha Nigam:

Dr. Nigam is currently a fellow at Rutgers Tech Transfer Office. She has previously worked with Rockefeller Tech Transfer Office and also with a start-up based at Harlem Biospace.  She is quite keen on the aspects of the Technology Transfer Office and is passionate about the applied aspects of innovative scientific discoveries, striving to be at the interface of business and science.

Previously, she has worked in the industry as an analyst involved in competitive intelligence, strategic business analysis, and commercialization of early innovations in several therapeutic areas. Her foundation in science comes from her Ph.D. in molecular biology from Vienna, Austria.