While addressing unmet medical needs, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are facing a complex and exciting future. Technological advances in pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing are stimulating new processes and opening new challenges.

RPM Expo is a marketplace for manufacturing engineers, managers, and front line operators to meet with today’s most innovative and mature service companies. In addition to manufacturing equipment makers, RPM Expo 2016 will bring together decision makers with the resources required to implement evolving solutions in this highly regulated environment.

Pipeline Trends:

It is likely that pharma will focus on new, innovative biologics -- not to the exclusion of small molecules, but as a means to stake out market share for unmet medical needs. Further, there is likely to be a move toward biologicals that combine with small molecule-based therapies or other biologics.  Though few companies are focused on biosimilars, traditional generics providers are likely to ramp up to provide these new concoctions.

Increasing Revenue While Cutting Costs:

Nowhere are cost pressures felt more keenly than in groups managing high-volume production of a portfolio of therapies ranging from small molecules to biologics.  These groups seek novel solutions through innovative technologies and business practices (partnerships, sourcing, collaboration).   

Key to the next generation of manufacturing is the flexibility afforded by automation, system-level software, inventory control, and managing partnerships.   Consequently, companies are continually assessing software and systems to optimize processes, facilities, and business process solutions (e.g., ERPs, CMOs).

RPM Expo 2016 is focused on today's most advanced strategies and technologies for manufacturing drugs reproducibly and cost-effectively.