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Jose Almeida
POC Specialist
Siemens Healthcare

Since 1987, incorporating go to market principles with innovative, in-vitro diagnostics.  Engaged in expanding market presence, establishing brand recognition increasing sales volume, improving profit margins, and excelling in promoting capital equipment.  Market development of new business and expansion of base business utilizing distribution channels. 

Better patient care through better diagnostics.  Established unique sales protocols for advanced specialty products. Developed presentations for physicians on the clinical value and utility of new in-vitro diagnostic assays with emphasis on the importance of early detection and mitigating consequences of kidney disease.  Excelling in training, developing and supporting medical distributors.  Recognition as an expert in proprietary specialty products to include point of care A1c, microalbumin, urinalysis platforms, and Hcg.  Excelled in positioning proprietary remote bi-directional connectivity solution for regulatory compliance in the point of care environment.   

University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas.   1984-1987
Bachelor of Business Administration, Degrees in Management and Marketing, Manager for Logos publication.  President-Student Government

Claudia Campbell-Matland
Consultant and Managing Member
CNCM Consulting, LLC

Claudia Campbell-Matland's over 30 year career in the diagnostics industry has included leadership positions in Research & Development, Business Development and Marketing.  Also a certified Project Management Professional and Quality System auditor, Ms. Campbell's experience has included management of a variety of business-critical programs such as new product development programs from conception to commercialization, product acquisitions, functional department integrations and remediation of Quality System and Regulatory audit deficiencies.  Now working as an independent consultant, she is leveraging her expertise to assist start-up and small medical device companies with project management and compliance services for new product development and other programs, and assisting universities with their research commercialization efforts.  She received her M.S. in Microbiology at the Rutgers University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences/UMDNJ.

Winston Kuo, DMSc
Predicine Holdings, Ltd

Predicine Holdings Ltd is an international organization committed to providing healthcare solutions related to precision medicine, development of innovative diagnostics and therapeutics, integrating data analytics.

Dr. Kuo has spent over 20 years in academia and 3 years in industry. He was formerly Chief Operating Officer of the IES Diagnostics, developing molecular immune diagnostics tests for use in personalized medicine focused on measuring interferons for auto-immune diseases and cancer.

Prior to industry, Dr. Kuo was Assistant Professor in the Department of Developmental Biology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Director. As founder of the Harvard Clinical and Translational Science – Laboratory for Innovative Translational Technologies at Harvard Medical School he worked to provide the Harvard biomedical research community with early access to disruptive and enabling leading edge translational technologies. This was an integral part of the Harvard Catalyst Clinical and Translational Science Center at Harvard Medical School.

Kristen Pimiento.JPG

Kristen Pimienta

Kristen Pimienta is a recent graduate of Montclair State University with a Molecular Biology major and a minor in Chemistry. 

She is an active member of the American Society for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. She has interned extensively in the High Throughput Core Facility at Sloan-Kettering Institute within Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. There she assisted in research and assays with HeLa, HEK 293, and NCEB-1 cancer cell lines and worked with siRNA transfections using several cancer cell lines. Her interests include oncology, genetics, genomics, biochemistry, endocrinology, and research in the neurosciences.

Tom White
Scientific Advisor
Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND)

Dr. White received his B.A. in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley - including graduate studies in the Pharmacology Department at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Through his career, Dr. White held senior R&D management positions at Cetus Corporation, Roche Molecular Systems and Celera Diagnostics. He directed the research and development of products using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for multiple applications in basic research, molecular evolution, forensics and diagnostics. Dr. White retired in 2011 and was the Regents’ Lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley in 2012-13. He is a scientific advisor to the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) in Geneva.


Joanne Gere
Executive Director
BioPharma Research Council