Science is not the only thing you need to be successful in a lab
You need to know how to manage people, budgets, suppliers, and external expectations.  You have spent years acquiring your scientific knowledge, how do you get this other knowledge more quickly?

Start with Leading Strategically
As part of a special partnership with LeadingStrategically, LLC, The BioPharma Research Council is offering non-scientific career development to scientists.

Save time
•  Recognizing the time it takes to do most career development courses, LeadingStrategically has developed a 20-minute assessment and an accompanying report designed for the analytic mind.  They determine the two most critical areas for you to start with and give you specific readings, specific conversations to have and other coaching for the issues you are most likely to come up against at your specific level of management/leadership competency.

Save Money
•  As partners, we are offering this to the BRC Community, My First Lab Group free of charge.  Some articles and books need to be purchased, but most will be available through company, public libraries, links or pdfs.