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Jaymie Dewitt
Director, Business Development
Molecular Imaging Inc.
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Jaymie DeWitt has been in the research and biotech industry for 20 years. After receiving a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, she began as Protein Chemistry bench scientist where she supported the Bioanalytical efforts of a plasma fractionation company. In the commercial science realm for the past 13 years, Jaymie provided training and technical support for Biacore, eventually moving into academic and then industrial sales for Biacore SPR systems. After Biacore, Jaymie was a Sales Specialist for Becton Dickinson, where she sold tissue culture consumables and flow cytometry reagents.

For the past four years, Jaymie has been in Business Development for pre-clinical Contract Research. At Numira Biosciences, she sold “virtual histology” services, a unique ex vivo imaging service. Currently at Molecular Imaging, Inc. for the past year, Jaymie sells pre-clinical Oncology and Immunology Pharmaco-Imaging services.