We live in an era where digital technologies have radically transformed everything from how we get our news to economies around the world. And, of course, healthcare is no exception. However, digital innovation presents many, many opportunities, but also significant challenges. Among them include how we can prove that digital technologies can significantly improve health outcomes, drive the discovery of new medicines and positively impact health and well-being globally. Another is how the cautious global health industry can best adopt to the rapid and massive changes sparked by digital tools and technologies. 

As Guest Editor of BRC Innovation Insights, I'll bring you information about new trends, tools and resources you can use to implement digital more successfully in health, lead virtual events with experts from around the world who will provide you with actionable guidance about how to navigate the fast-moving digital landscape and more. I look forward to engaging with you in the weeks and months to come. 

Guest Editor:
Fard Johnmar
Founder and President, Enspektos
Senior Fellow , SNCR

Fard Johnmar is a noted digital health futurist, researcher and bestselling author of ePatient 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare. For more than 10 years, he has advised executives, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and others focused on developing groundbreaking digital health tools, technologies, products and services at startups and large organizations like Humana, the CDC and the Canadian government.

Fard has also been featured in numerous media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, NPR and Forbes. He is also a fellow at the Columbia University-affiliated Healthcare Technology Innovation Lab. He is also the founder of the Digital Health Maven Project, a global initiative designed to provide executives, medical professionals, scientists and others with the skills, resources and tools they need to successfully innovate using digital technologies.