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David C. Fritzinger, Ph.D.
Fritzinger Biopharma Consulting, LLC
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Dr. Fritzinger is a seasoned molecular biologist and protein chemist with over 10 years experience working on the early-stage development of protein therapeutics. He currently provides consulting services in molecular biology, protein chemistry, and biologics development. 

As Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, he performed structure/function studies on human complement C3. 

While at the UH Cancer Center, Dr. Fritzinger co-founded the biotech startup, InCode Biopharmaceutics, Inc., based on the Intellectual Property from his laboratory. As Chief Scientific Officer at InCode, he directed all discovery research for the company and managed the work of both CROs and CMOs in producing large quantities of the company’s lead protein, both in insect and mammalian cells. Previous to his work at UH and InCode, Dr. Fritzinger was the director of the DNA sequencing and genotyping core at Myriad Genetics, Inc. 

He received his BS in Chemistry from Purdue University and his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he studied conformational changes in tRNA caused by changes in solution conditions or aminoacylation. Dr. Fritzinger performed his post-doctoral research at the University of Bristol, working in the lab of Nigel Brown.