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As pharmaceutical manufacturing evolves, new opportunities arise for leveraging valuable data throughout the process. In this webinar we will discuss current best practices and emerging technologies that will inform tomorrow’s progress.


Eddie Ryan


Satvik Gadamsetty

Satvik Gadamsetty - A member of the BRC’s Young Investigator’s group, Satvik is part of Merck’s Emerging Talent Rotational Program. Currently in the Merck Manufacturing Division (MMD), he is applying analytics to solve challenges in the manufacturing and supply-chain space.

Previously he worked in the Merck Research Laboratories (MRL) where he contributed to a variety of projects ranging from imaging biomarkers to health economics statistics, and modeling of vaccine outcomes. Satvik graduated from the Rutgers University School of Engineering with a focus in Biomedical Engineering and certificates in Applied Mathematics and Psychology. During his undergraduate career, Satvik conducted research in the Department of Biomedical Engineering studying the effect of novel macromolecules and their use in cardiovascular medicine. Satvik is interested in enhancing scientific education and innovation in IT.

Eddie Ryan is a mechanical engineer with 14 years’ experience in design, production and project management within pharmaceutical manufacturing. In addition, throughout his extensive experience in regulated IT development for Life Sciences, he has managed multidisciplinary pharmaceutical projects on behalf of multiple blue-chip companies.