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March 10, 2016
705 Cookman Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ, 07712

5:30 Check-in Begins
6:30 Presentation

7:15 Reception

Refreshments are included.

NOTE: The event is on the 3rd Floor. There is no elevator in the building.

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D3D brings together researchers, drug development professionals, and device inventors to address the generation, collection, analysis, storage, and sharing of data throughout the discovery to development process.

Event Sponsor:


Bob Gold
Founder and CEO
GoMo Health


Behavioral Rx:
The Science of In-The-Moment Motivation, Influence, and Action Mobile Medicine for the Mind

Behavioral Rx is a methodology and platform that uses proven psychological techniques and leverages people's innate behavioral and emotional attributes (such as trust, credibility, and reciprocity) to motivate actions, in-the-moment, as part of a person's daily life at home, work, and play.

In today's hectic lifestyle people are constantly on the go, busy, and stressed. What is it that inspires a person to take immediate action? Change a habit? Take a pill? Open up to the advice of a healthcare professional? The voice and style of mobility engagement sends subtle social clues that either connects to a person's personal brand or drives them further away. What are the human factors that make a difference?

In this session you will discover:
-Strategies and methods designed to increase trust, credibility, and raise the believability of your brand of products.

-The big difference between Human Responsive vs. Device Responsive Design.
-Little Data vs. Big Data in your research, discovery, and design process.
-And more...  

About the Presenter: 

Bob Gold is one of the world's leading behavioral technologists with more than 20 years applied research and development in the growing field of digital to human persuasion and motivation.

Bob applies his methodologies and techniques to help create a more sustainable healthcare infrastructure for hospitals, health systems and providers, pharmaceutical companies, and insurers as more patients need to be treated and engaged within their day-to-day lifestyle. He is especially focused on remote care coordination (pre/post discharge) and telehealth, with growing success in the management both of chronic conditions and episodic pre and post-discharge management, and identifying and taking advantage of opportunities for transitional care reimbursement opportunities associated with the exchange of this information. 

Bob focuses his energy on recrafting clinical care plans into behaviorally-based remote care coordination and telehealth patient engagement protocols to produce better outcomes, and evidence based data sets and increase compliance; with the emphasis on the delivery of dynamic content to support approved protocols with a more personalized, disciplined, and nurturing experience within the framework of a person's lifestyle and typical day.