This is the Summer Session of our Meetup Group D3D: Data, Drugs, Diagnostics.

4:30 Check-in  Begins
5:30 Panel on the FDA Pathway for Health-Related Phone Apps

6:30 Reception and Tours of BellWorks

Refreshments and a light supper are included.

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D3D brings together researchers, drug development professionals, and device inventors to address the generation, collection, analysis, storage, and sharing of data throughout the discovery to development process.

What Topics will be Addressed?

Data Capture:
How is generated data acquired from instrumentation, images, point of care technologies, and other inputs? What are the fine points specific to drug discovery and development, and how is this relevant to diagnostics?

What processes assure significant knowledge development once data is collected? What challenges are key to the biopharma enterprise in academic and industry environments?

Collaboration across functional groups and entities is always challenging. Which models are proving successful? How are they evolving in response to new opportunities?

Where is smart data interaction making a difference? In publishing peer reviewed journals, in FDA filings, in management of biological samples?

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