2017 Events

We've lost our Executive Director and are reorganizing 2017 activities - please note that we are in the process of adjusting our upcoming activities.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or comments rbrandwein@biopharmaresearchcouncil.org         
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Hospitals, houses, ambulances, and doctor’s offices are already undertaking significant efforts to integrate sensors, video technology, wireless readouts, and analyses to monitor a patient’s welfare. Today’s medical device engineering is focused even more on innovative applications and easier usability to accelerate this process.

After a morning of key discussion on these opportunities, an afternoon session will feature experts in cybersecurity to weigh in on questions concerning the privacy and security of connected devices, including hospital equipment, implants, wearables, and related databases.
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NOTE: The Triangle Research Symposium has been pushed back to 1Q2018.

With the emergence of Precision Medicine, e-Health, and the expanding impact of data to drive clinical trial design and therapeutic decisions, the ability to work in partnerships and share information has become more vital.

Now in its sixth year, this Symposium provides a platform to share knowledge being developed across the region’s research centers, including breakthroughs that are opening the doors to more effective, better targeted treatment for patients.

Participants will include innovators from academic, industry, and government labs, who will introduce potential collaborators to each others’ diverse research and development.

Industry momentum has started to move toward portfolios that include biologics, vaccines, and cell-based therapies. In this full-day Expo, we address the changes that drive new technologies and tools

Engineering tomorrow’s drug manufacturing lines requires integration of lessons learned to build continuous processing lines. This requires a unique coordination between researchers and process engineers.

Plenary sessions and Training Workshops will include exploration of emerging solutions such as single use approaches. and lessons learned from existing continuous process lines.